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GHARKUL PARIVAR SANSTHA established on 01st November 2006 to provide a secure home for mentally challenged girls / women, especially for those whose parents are unable to provide these facilities to them.


Today 2% of India’s population suffers from Mental Retardation. This is a quite a large number. Presently there are many schools and vocational training centers for such special children, where different kind of education and training is being provided in the effort to make them self-sufficient. However, in spite of such training, a mentally challenged person can never really live an independent life. They will always need someone to take care of them. This is the biggest worry of the parents of such children. As the parents they themselves get older, and are no longer able to take care of their child either physically or financially……………..

To provide a secure & loving home to the girls.

Spacious, airy rooms & independent beds

Emergency medical help from reputed doctors/hospitals from Nasik

24/7 security from homegaurd (Female Guard

Gharkul Parivar sanstha is a Government approved institute registered with Charity commission.


Presently, we are operating in a 3 storey, handicap-friendly, spacious facility located near Pimpalgaon Bahula in Nashik.

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Your support can change the life of so many girls. These girls have been denied many simple joys in life.

Education And Training

Our mentally challenged girls connot get regular education. However we take all the efforts to teach them daily household…..

Welcome to Gharkul Parivar.

We are Committed to upliftment and rehabilitation of differently challenged girls.


At present, there are 45 girls in Gharkul looked after by 22 ladies staff. It is the first organization in Maharashtra only for girls. There is love, affection, care, concern in Gharkul. These girls have routine activities with a schedule. They get different job trainings as per their capabilities. Moreover, they get friends to share their feelings. The organisation is run by women for women. For safety and security of inmates, this is the most important measure taken by Gharkul. The information about Gharkul is spread from parent to parent.

Our Goal

The main goal of Gharkul is to build a home away from home for our girls.

Our Mandate

Some sections of society are so vulnerable that they need to be looked after in the quest of living life. Mentally challenged are those who have no future beyond parents.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable them to avail all the rights and opportunities with respect to their health, safety, education, rehabilitation and overall personality development.

Our Impacts

So far we have been successful in our Endeavour to give these girls a self-dignified life on their own, so that they find their self-worth.

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify

Charity begins at home but shouldn't end there.

Our Volunteers

Mrs. Vidya Phadake
Founder and secretary
Mrs. Vidya Phadake
Founder and secretary
Dr. Shirish Sule
Dr. Shirish Sule
Mrs. Sunita Aadake
Retd. professor
Mrs. Sunita Aadake
Retd. professor

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