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Story About Us

It is the first organization in Maharashtra only for girls.

Our mentally challenged girls cannot get regular education. However we take all the efforts to teach them daily household work so that they can take care of their personal hygiene and can contribute to the daily chores of Gharkul to some extent. In order to reduce the behavioral problems of our girls, we try to keep them occupied as far as possible. We also provide vocational training as mentioned below. This gives them a sense of confidence and gives them an opportunity to learn new things and show their capabilities in front of the society. We are proud to say that many of our girls have become very proficient in many of the mentioned activities.

Household Training

  • Personal hygiene for keeping good health.
  • Daily chores for housekeeping ( dusting, washing dishes / clothes, cutting vegetables ).

Vocational Training

  • Basic vocational skills (punching, cutting, stapling, wrapping, pasting etc.)
  • Artificial flower making, seasonal greetings making
  • Candle making, envelop making
  • Bag making (gift, newspaper bags, cloth bag etc.)
  • Food products (papad, tomato/chili sauce etc.)
  • Disposable silver bowl making (we provide these to hotels)
  • Decorative Diya, Panati and Akash Kandil for Diwali Festival
NGO for physically handicapped girls
NGO for Mentally Challenged Girls in Nashik
Assembly Work
Warli Painting

Special Activities

In order to reduce the behavioral problems of our mentally challenged girls, we conduct special activities as mentioned below. We consider them as therapeutic activities as they help improving the motor skills, coordination skills and temperament. Living in a big group of people with similar issues (group therapy) itself solves many of their behavioral problems. Along with our parents we have observed that these girls feel more happy, content and self-confident at Gharkul than their homes as they get a peer group and have a feeling of acceptance and appreciation.

Some of the activities conducted at Gharkul are as follows:

  • Music/dance therapy
  • Yoga/pranayama/meditation therapy
  • Monthly picnics
  • Birthday and Festival Celebrations
  • Participation in various exhibitions for display and sale of Gharkul products
  • Participation in various cultural and sports events in Nasik (especially, dance, music, running events and arts & Craft Exhibitions.)
Singing Performance
Dance Performance

How you can help us

Just call at (+91) 9860552324 to make a donation